Ultimate Abilities

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All 16 Mechs have Ultimate abilities. They can only be used once in a battle once the mech has sustained enough damage. Must have at least one bar filled of the Special Gauge.

  • The Ultimate Ability starts after the brief 4 second animation
  • Can be canceled from whiffed Normal Moves and Special Moves
  • Some Mechs have start-up invincibility
  • Some must be manually aimed. When locked and the Ultimate ability is active, lock on will be toggled off without input from the player.
  • Exception(s): Mech invincibility may start after a brief wind-up.
  • Mech's such as Watchbot, will unable to move during the duration of their ultimate ability.

Ultimate List[edit | edit source]

Mech Ultimate Attack Description
Watchbot Hyper Beam Shots a large plasma beam from the chest. Must be controlled manually
Contessa Reaper Slash Summons a Mech Reaper that unleashes an instant slash on enemies in the marked area. Pressing the activation buttons while aiming will result in an early cast of the attack
Setesh Lave Burst Creates lava geysers that Burst from the ground/ Enemies will be stunned during the activation if in very close range
Rocca Supernova Creates an explosion around itself, dealing massive damage to enemies caught in its radius. Will briefly leave Rocca vulnerable after the explosion.
Shifu One-Inch Punch Unleashes an extremely powerful punch that deals more damage the closer the enemy is. The initial attack will stun enemies at close-range.
Stardust Mega Drill Summons a gigantic drill that deals constant damage to enemies. Executing the Ultimate again will shoot the drill in the current direction.
Vidar Arrow Rain Unleashes a rain of arrows in a large area. Enemies towards the center of the target are stunned, taking extra damage. Executing the Ultimate again while aiming will result in an early cast of the attack.
Vintage Shoot'em Up Transforms into a spaceship. Vintage's abilities are enhanced.
Bellona God of Thunder Summon spears of lightning which can be thrown or plunged into the ground. Thrown spears can be charged for increased speed and damage. Plunged spears deal damage in an area around the mech, staggering nearby enemies.
Cocada Tornado Dance Creates a massive tornado from breakdancing that pulls in nearby enemies while dealing damage.
Crystal Hammer Time Spins around with a giant hammer. Deals continuous damage to enemies caught in her path. Activating the Ultimate while spinning will release the hammer in the aimed direction.
Maestro Concert Immediately summon special spirits while conducting a concert. Each button will result In a unique effect cast
Metageckon Finishing Move - Omega Sword! Summons the Omega sword. Deals high damage to enemies in a short distance.
Mirai Omega Shot Mirai creates a massive energy sphere, then launches it forward, dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.
Mya Triple Cut Mya sends out three energy slashes.
Pescado Berserk Let's Go! Pescado enters a state of ultimate power. While in this form, Pescado has infinite stamina, is immune to stun, and gains increased movement speed. Pescado can activate the Ultimate again to utilize his signature chair attack.