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see each mech as its own super that is unique to it that can be activated one you reach 1/8 of your total HP

Watchbot-mecha laser watchbot will fire a giant huge unstoppable beam from his chest

  • okay my rating is well fun factor is a 3/5 the balanced is well 5/5 practicality is a 2/5 over all it is a well rounded super that is not the best in most situations (3/5)

Mya-Cross Blade Mya will charge up 4 diagonal waves that form 2 Xs you can change the direction of each one

  • fun factor is a 4/5 the balance is a 4/5 and practicality is a 3/5 over all this is a speedy super that can mess some one up (4/5)

Pescado-Rock'em sock'em Chair he will summon a wrestling area to buff all his attacks and then You can pull out a chair and whack your opponents silly

  • fun factor is a whopping 5/5 balance is a 4/5 and the practicality is a 3/5 over all this is 1 super silly ultimate that can lay a beat down (3/5)

Crystal-hammer beam she pulls out a hammer spins around and the hammer is firing a beam out it's back.

  • fun factor is a solid 4/5 the balance is a 3/5 and the practicality is a 3/5 while being a wacky super you can't jump at all so you locked on the X and Z axis (4/5)

Setesh-Volcanic bombardment she will slam both her fist on the ground and cause a firey bombardment of 25 projectiles at random locations

  • fun factor is a 5/5 and the balance is a 2/5 the practicality is a 3/5 and why is the balance so low well there is no where to hide yeah she is immobilized but your dead (3/5)

Vintage-Space intruder Vintage will pull out a random cartridge and turn into a plane that can shoot lasers and you're very mobile in this form so you can retreat of fire lasers

  • fun factor is a 4/5 and balance is a 3/5 practicality is a 5/5 over all this is the most use full special there is so a (4/5)

Metageckon-laser blade he will breath out a sword and swing in a 90 degree radius but then it goes away yep one time

  • fun factor is a 2/5 the balance is well 3/5 and the practicality is a 1/5 over all this unlike vintage this super kinda sucks (2/5) <--- me being generous

Cocada-Tornado spin he will get on his head and spin so fast that he creates a vortex that traps and immobilizes and damages any one who is unfortunate to be caught in it

  • fun factor is a 3/5 balance is a 4/5 and the practicality is a 3/5 it is a good super but has the same problem watchbot does not all that useful (3/5)

Contessa-Reaper strike she will summon a psychic grim reaper and will swing 4 times dealing massive damage

  • fun factor 3/5 balance is well a solid 4/5 and why the practicality is a nice 3/5 overall this is metageckon's but better less DPS but 4 time and bigger radius (3/5)

Rocca-Spirit bomb he gathers enough energy to blow himself up and anyone near him

  • fun factor 1/5 balance 4/5 and well practicality is a low 1/5 over all this is a weaker super that can easily be avoided (2/5)

Shifu-Fire bomb/hadouken where he shoots 1 heck of fire ball that travels in a strait line

  • fun factor is a 2/5 balance is 4/5 and practicality is a 4/5 over all while similar to watch bot just you can move out of the way after the hadouken (3/5)

Vidar-Arrow rain where she shoots her bow in the air and rains down a lot of arrows the location is the closest opponent