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* fun factor is a 2/5 balance is 4/5 and practicality is a 4/5 over all while similar to watch bot just you can move out of the way after the hadouken (3/5)
Vidar-Arrow rain where she shoots her bow in the air and rains down a lot of arrows the location is the closest opponent
* fun factor 3/5 and the balance is well 4/5 now we see the practicality is a 2/5 over all this is a while power full super you can't choose your target so a (3/5)
now this was my list of supers you can give your own ratings geez people are going to be mad about metageckon those who like him any how I should explain fun factor is how fun and how many laughs you and your friends get now balance lets take Setesh volcanic bombardment while it is powerful it is very hard for every one else so basically power and how it is on both ends now practicality is how useful it is sounds simple good that is how I like it